How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free? Back in 2016, Microsoft had a double reason to celebrate. After the introduction of the new Windows 10, it was time to refresh the most popular Microsoft office suite. In addition to visual changes in the interface itself, Microsoft Office 2016 brings many innovations. They are primarily related to co-authorship between team members.


We tested the new version of Office 2016 while it was in the beta preview phase. A few weeks ago the final version was released, Microsoft added some cool features. Comparing Office 2016 with the previous version, it cannot be said that much has changed in the option of individual programs. You may miss the “Save As” option. Microsoft Office is no longer official name of package. Now it is most recognized as Office 365. Office 365 business allows you to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher OneDrive and Sway applications via web interface (via Internet browsers) or via classic desktop applications.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free Windows 10
How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free Windows 10

Also advantage of subscription to Office 365 business is that you always get the latest updated for Microsoft Office as well as even 1 TB of storage space in OneDrive.

Office 2016 for the desktop

Unlike previous versions of Office, Microsoft for some reason decided that users must install the entire Office Suite on their computer. It is not possible to choose to install only the desired applications. This will certainly not appeal to those who have limited space on their hard drive or SSD.

All applications have been redesigned, and each has its own color to make it easier for users to know which program they are currently working on. So Word has a blue toolbar, Excel green, PowerPoint red and Outlook light blue.

The ribbons themselves are slightly enlarged, which facilitates access to the required tool. A “Say what you want to do” box has been added to the toolbar to help you find the feature you want. The spell-checking tool as well as access to recently used documents have also been improved. Office 2016 also comes with a new application called Sway. It is used to create interesting reports, presentations, personal stories or newsletters. And while PowerPoint is still the main tool for creating multimedia presentations, Sway is based on ready-made templates.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free
How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free

Office 2016 business users have ability to use OneDrive for businesses that use a SharePoint network through which multiple users can edit the same document. Althrough OneDrive has proven to be a solid cloud service, there are still a errors that can be annoying. For example, not being able to sync a file.

Excel got new charts, while the biggest novelty in Outlook is the ability to view recent MS Office documents. When you want to add an attachment to your email, Outlook will offer a list of files you’ve recently edited. If the file is stored via the cloud service, it is enough to send its link.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free

First of all, make sure that you have installed Microsoft Office 2016 package. You can download it here:

Video gives you a step by step instructions on how to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free (works both Windows and Mac OS).

Later on we will provide full text instruction from video How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 for free.

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