Instagram video downloader apk free download

Instagram video downloader apk free download post finally out. We are continuing series of videos on how to download videos from… Today we will show you how to download videos from Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks whose main focus is publishing photos. But, except for photos here you can publish short videos. With the tool below you will be able to download any video ever published on this social network. There are few ways how you can download videos but I will share the easiest way and most secure way.

Instagram did enable the function of publishing videos a year after pictures but today this function is an integral part of Instagram. When this function is initially published the maximum time of the video was 15 seconds. Instagram realized that this time is to low and after some time they increased that time to 1 minute.

How to download Instagram video private
How to download Instagram video private

Unfortunately, with default settings you are not able to download videos directly from Instagram because of copyrights. When you publish your video on any of the social media networks network do not become the owner of the video. The only true owner is you. Social media only gives you a platform for sharing and publishing.

There are two basic principles on how to download videos from Instagram. With additional software for your computer or mobile device or directly online on other webpages. This second way can be a danger because of copyrights. It is very un-secure to download anything through 3rd party systems. When you are downloading something through an online webpage that is not yours you are giving them your personal data (stationary IP address ie. your personal address). Also if you have a better look at webpages who are offering you this kind of service (downloading of music, videos, movies eg.) they will always have a responsibility quote. This sounds something like this: “We do not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever arising out of or in connection…”

Instagram video downloader apk free download
Instagram video downloader apk free download

So basically when you getting any content from 3rd party all responsibility is only at you. So we are not recommending this way of downloading videos from any social network.

The best way to download any video from any social network, including Instagram is free software made for it.

IMPORTANT!!! At the link below you can download free program for downloading videos from Instagram in .mp4 or any other format. The program has a lifetime license and allows you to download videos or music from any platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and more). The video below shows step by step how to download the program. Please follow us for more free stuff like this. Thank you.

Here you can download Instagram video downloader apk free: Instagram video downloader apk free

Software is very easy to use. All you need to do is Copy/Paste the link of the Instagram video in space for it and click download. Software is small (it has less than 50 MB) and free to use and share. You have an option to download only one video in one action or to download multiple videos in one action.

In the video below you have complete instructions on how to download Instagram video downloader apk free fast, secure and free.

Later on we will show you how to download videos from private Instagram accounts.

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