How to download Youtube video on pc for free

How to download Youtube video on pc for free? I will give you the answer in this short post. Today hard disks have huge capacity. So why would not you download all great videos from social networks? On this way you can save any video on your computer and watch it when you want. Also, if you want review some videos, use video as yours or something similar it is impossible without downloading video before.

In this video tutorial I will show you the best way to download any video from social media networks even if it is private. Check it out.

You are on trip to your vacation and Internet connection is weak so your stream is losing frequent. Sounds familiar? That annoys me for real. Except I have my favorite video list somewhere on my computer.

How to download videos from Youtube. It is very easy and fast. Even Yotube has own tools for downloading videos from their service, but they are with some restrictions and not that easy for use. Besides their official tools there are several tools for download videos from Youtube.

How that tools works. What is the best one? And more you can read in next post.

Download Youtube video on pc for free
Download Youtube video on pc for free

First. Do not use free online downloading sites? They are allowing you to download all videos but you could be banned from Internet for some downloads. Some people are putting whole movies on Youtube and it is not legal to download that content. If you downloaded Youtube file directly from web page they have your IP address and your information so it is not the smarter way.

My recommendation is tool for your personal computer and your Android device (sorry we do not have anything for Mac yet). Full video tutorial how to use it below this sentence.

At the link below, you can download free downloader for downloading videos from Youtube in .mp4 or any other format. The program has a lifetime license and allows you to download videos or music from any platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and more). The video below shows step by step how to download the program. Please follow us for more free stuff like this. Thank you.

So first download tool for downloading any video from social media networks (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and more) here: Download Youtube downloader here

After downloading start installation and follow steps from video. Tool is free for use and please share this site with your family and friends. With this tool besides videos you can download song lists, seasons of series, content from your favorite Youtuber and more.

Full video instruction on how to download Youtube video on pc for free is below:

How to do it? It is easy. Find video that you want to download on Youtube. Or series of videos. Copy past address of videos (or URL). Internet address is shown in URL bar in your Internet browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.) Copy that address and paste it field where says “Past Link”.

Tool will automatically start processing video and when all video information are shown you should be able to download video.

After that you have tons of option. One of them is video quality and format. Choose one of video quality options or “cut” only sound from video and save it as .mp3 file. You can choose any option from dropping menu. The most “greatest” video format is MP4 because it has balance between quality and size of file. Also MP4 file is known in every video player all around the world.

If you choose format like 4K please be aware of size of file and conversion in that case will last more. It should not last more than 5 minutes but that depends on your network connection.

After choosing all options click Download video and download will start. Before clicking check download destination and change it if you want. Typically, videos are stored in Download section of your computer.

One of the best things with this software is Youtube channel option where you can download up to 25 videos from same Youtube channel.

How to watch Youtube videos on computer
How to watch Youtube videos on computer

Formats of videos

Most commons video formats are MP4, 3PG, AVI, MOV etc. Be aware of importance of video formats because video format will determine quality of video and compatibility with movie applications (choose right format if you are downloading foreign movie and you will need lyrics).

If the quality of video is not your priority and you just want some video on your device or you do not have much space on your disk use 3GP format. 3GP is ideal for smaller monitors, like tablets or smartphones.

If the sound from video is most important for you use MP4 format because you can edit that sound in sound editor applications.

Quality of video means video resolution and it is very connected with video formats. For example, 3GP video format has the lowest resolution (320×320 pixels), and other formats have better quality of picture display. Most common video resolutions for smartphones and tablets are pretty much same: 360, 480, 720 and 1080p.

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