How to download videos from Facebook on PC/iphone/Android?

We had a lot of questions on how to download videos from Facebook on PC/iphone/Android. We have already published a post on how to download videos from Youtube in the best resolution and different types of video (MP4, AVI, 4k and more). Like we said before just tell us what you want and we will find a solution for you. Free solution. There are different ways to download videos from Facebook and we will cover different ways but we will create a video with full instructions for the best way in our opinion.

One of the standards ways on how to download videos from Facebook is with some additional software for your PC or Andriod device. One of the oldest software to do it was YTD Video Downloader (it has named by Youtube but you can also download videos from Facebook lately). A free version of this software has a lot of bugs and it is very slow. If you want you can buy the full version but then you need to pay 23 Euros. In that case, you will have all possibilities like conversion in different formats of videos, etc.

How to download videos from Facebook on PC
How to download videos from Facebook on PC

The second way to download Facebook videos is by 3rd party sites (web page). We do not recommend this because all downloads are memorized somewhere and this could get you in trouble. Also, there are restrictions based on a video that you want to download.

The third way to download video from Facebook to your Android is directly from your mobile web browser. We have tested this download through the Opera web browser. This browser is not that popular but it should be. It uses a small amount of energy and your battery will last longer. We will show you how to do this in the video below.

The best way to download multiple videos from Facebook with the best resolution, fastest connection and only secure way to do this is a tool that you can download in the link below.

In the link below, you can download a free program for downloading videos from Facebook in .mp4 or any other format. The program has a lifetime license and allows you to download videos or music from any platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and more). The video below shows step by step how to download the program. Please follow us for more free stuff like this. Thank you.

Download tool for download video from Facebook on PC/iphone/Android: Download videos from Facebook

You can choose as many videos from Facebook as you want. Just copy the link of video (we will show you in the video how to get a link of Facebook video) and paste it in free space where it says Download. After that click Download button and download will start. After download, you can simply copy videos from your PC to your Android or iOS devices and share it on your social media account.

Download videos from Facebook HD
Download videos from Facebook HD

Watch the full video on How to download video from Facebook on PC/iphone/Android below this sentence.

Full instructions from the video:

open web browser and type in google search box
scroll down and click free download, close opened tab(s) and click again on free download
again scroll down and wait a couple of seconds
insert captcha to prove that you are not a robot
scroll down and click create download link, close opened tab(s) and click again on create download link
download has started (it took a couple of minutes, so I cut that part out of the video)
run setup and install software
go to facebook, find video that you want to download, find and copy link and paste it in software and click download
here you can choose your media format and video resolution
after download is complete, run your video and enjoy! 🙂

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