Download music free from Youtube to computer

What is the most secure and easiest way to download music free from Youtube to computer? Today it is very easy to download any song in the world but that can cost you a lot of money. Downloading music is not that popular anymore because of a lot of streaming services but a lot of them have tons of commercials that can be very annoying. Personally I do not listen to music on Youtube anymore. Almost after every song you need to see some commercial at least for a few seconds. So if I am lying on my bed I need to get up and skip the commercial. Are there other streaming services besides Youtube? Yes of course. But they all have some big disadvantages if compering to Youtube. For example, they are very slow, there is no playlist option and the most important thing is their database (song base) which is small.

When you look for all of this best way to listen to songs is to download them, make folders and playlists that you want and simply enjoy music. Now how to do it legal. There are many online sites that provide you free songs. What’s the catch? You won’t find the most popular authors there (and songs from Billboard playlist). Still there are some good authors who deserve your attention.

Download music free from Youtube to computer
Download music free from Youtube to computer

Today the most popular way for downloading the music is “stream ripping”. That means that users don’t use pirate music sites for song downloads. Instead, people are using direct song downloading from Youtube. Of course Youtube doesn’t have a direct download option but there are many sites for conversion from Youtube video formats to .mp3 files. One of the most popular ripping sites was extinguished recently. Group of authors sues them because of the breaking of songwriter laws and Digital Millennium Copy Act laws (DMCA).

One of the things that you should investigate more is a legal way of downloading music to your computer or mobile device. Our advice is to use desktop software for downloading music because it is much safer than using stream ripping sites. We will share the best free software for doing it later in this post. License is a lifetime. If you can for downloading music please use official music services like Deezer or Google Play. Alternatively use your private software and then send that music to your mobile device.

One of the principles says that downloading music for your own needs it legal. So please do not share music that you are not author. When you are using this tool do not upload that music on other sites or do not copy that music to your friends or family. Be aware that downloading is OK for music or videos but do not download Premium software if you do not buy them. When you buy your computer, in the price of your hard drive it is calculated the charge for copyrights so you should be able to save music or videos on that media without original author permission.

Music downloader free
Music downloader free

This is different from country to country so before using this tool please read and be aware of laws of the country that you are living in. Like we wrote in posts before, we strongly do not recommend downloading any contest from 3rd party sites because they can back up your personal information and you could have problems because of it. How the tool works. It is very easy to download and install. Also, it is very easy to use. Go to Youtube or any other social media network that has songs or videos that you want to download. Copy or find URL of content and paste it in the free space field. After that select .mp3 option and choose the quality of the content (standard songs are in very high quality).

At the link below, you can download free music downloader for saving music in .mp3 or any other format. The program has a lifetime license and allows you to download videos or music from any platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and more). The video below shows how to download the program step by step. Please follow us for more free stuff like this. Thank you.

You can get a tool for download music free from Youtube to computer: Click to download the program

Like we wrote above this software includes all features and can be used for downloading music or videos from any social network. Also license is lifetime and includes all updates.

Video with full instruction on how to download music free from Youtube to the computer is shown below.

Full instructions from the video on how to download music free from Youtube to the computer are here.

open web browser and type in google search box
scroll down and click free download, close opened tab(s) and click again on free download
again scroll down and wait a couple of seconds
insert captcha to prove that you are not a robot
scroll down and click create download link, close opened tab(s) and click again on create download link
download has started (it took a couple of minutes, so I cut that part out of the video)
run setup and install software
go to youtube, find a song that you want to download, copy link and paste it in software and click download
choose your media format – MP3
after download is complete, play your song and enjoy! 🙂

Which is the best audio format? It is MP4 because it is an upgraded version of MP3. The name of these formats can get you in misapprehension. From their name, you could conclude that these formats are similar but they are not. MP3 and MP4 are not two different versions of the same thing. MP3 is the short name for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. It was one of two formats that were used as MPEG standards in the early 90s.

Famous company Philips and French Institute for researches CCETT with German Institute Broadcast Technology have constructed these two formats to their simplicity. They deleted all errors and made these formats efficient on computers.

MP4 is the short term for MPEG-4 Part 14. This technology is based on Apple’s QuickTime MOV format, but it uses service from many other MPEG parts. The format was firstly published in 2001, but it was re-created in 2003 and we are still using this format.

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